About Us

We as Ilham Sweets, established our company, as a result of our belief that, a new Delicious Planet named ''ilham sweets'' will be discovered by children all around the World, while chewind our quality bubble gums and eating our chewy candies. When we provide the basis of this Delicious Planet, we hit the road with our professionel staff whom are well qualified and experienced in confectionery industry especially in bubble gum industry for many years,

As new, we have added a new product Gelatin Free Chewy Candies in our product range, these Chewy Candies are Vegan and Natural Coloured. Depending on customers requests we'll be able to pack the chewy Candies in many different types of packages and forms beside the types in our catalog. Beside the Vegan Chewy Candies we have also developed long lasting naturely refreshing ''Special Natural Chewing Gums''

We produce all our products in our modern techinal equipped production line with 2.750 tons of annual capacity. We choose the best qualified raw materials from best qualifed suppliers and manufacture our confectioneries with special precision.

One of our main goals is, to reach everyone in the World through our delicious confectione-ries and make them happy with our quality products.

We are presenting our quality bubble gums to customers all around the World from USA to New Zealand both with our brands and with Private Labels upon our customers demands. Also we are the first Bubble Gum Factory in World to produce High Level Badatz Kosher Bubble Gums.

Our vision is, always working on the novelties, following new innovations, improving ourself and to take place as a consistently strong and reputable company in the Confectionery World.

Without losing more time we invite you to glance our products catalog which makes smiles on your face while turning the pages.

Welcome to our Delicious Planet ...